The ‘Agency of Culture’ is the total existing set of ‘data’ - constantly fermenting, combining or separating, affecting, denying, reaffirming, shaping or reshaping one another - having a prominent influence on all occurring activities.

It is almost bold and non-logical to lend the character of an agency to what could seem an entity with no subject (culture), but culture has to be understood as a force present beyond tangible reality, something close to being the total reflection of the wholeness, therefore of such big dimensions to transform its nature into a non-predictable influencing factor of future becoming present.

It is also important to distinguish culture and human activity, since human activity is only one spectrum through which culture can be experienced. Nevertheless, it is superb to think that culture is a consequence of humanity, probably it is quite the opposite. The term culture should refer to a sort of semi-ordered archive of all that was encountered by the experience of subjects. Subjects here are intended as sorts of unaware therefore free-willed actors.

Subjects of experience are all sorts of entities that go through existence processes, from a stone rolling down a mountain, a fish swimming in the sea in front of New York’s skyline, to a person sitting in a hair salon. It is therefore necessary to understand process as a fundamental instance of being, very much engrained in existence both in tangible and intangible planes.

If everything is out of subjects control but very much existentially ordered as well, will subjects be ever free outside their subjectivity?
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